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2023 Yamaha EF7200DE

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Introducing the all new EF7200DE gas powered generator. This versatile dual 120/240 volt unit is ideal for emergency backup power for home, cottage or business. And due to its high output, it can also be used as a primary power source for job sites or off grid applications too. Easy to use and easy to move, the EF7200DE sets new standards for performance and value.


Effortless Electric Starting: Equipped with electric starter, auto choke and automatic voltage regulation (AVR)


Convenient And Easy To Use: Comes standard with wheels, fold-down/locking handles and battery


More Wattage: Great value with the same legendary quality and performance

Features & Benefits

  • Powered by Yamaha's MZ360; 358cc, air-cooled (fan assist), OHV, 2-valve, 4-stroke, single cylinder engine with transistor controlled (TC) ignition.
  • Electric starting backed up by manual recoil with an auto decompression system for a light recoil starter pull.
  • Auto choke for easy, no hassle starting
  • Lightweight piston and offset cylinder design reduce frictional losses for improved fuel economy.
  • Maintenance-free brushless alternator offers superior reliability and reduced maintenance.
  • Dual 120 & 240 volt output makes the EF7200DE very versatile
  • Non-fuse type circuit breaker (NFB) prevents internal circuit damage in the event of an over load.
  • Rated AC output for continuous use is 6,000 watts / 50 amps @ 120 volts & 6,000 watts / 25 amps @ 240 volts
  • Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) helps protect tools and other electrical devices from power surges and potential damage.
  • Neutral is bonded to frame
  • Economy Control System (when turned on) lowers the engine rpm when there is no load to conserve fuel and reduce noise and engine wear.
  • Yamaha's Oil Watch Warning System automatically shuts off the engine when oil level is low and will not re-start until oil is added, preventing costly engine damage and enhancing long-term durability.
  • Digital volt and hour meter
  • Electrical "noise" suppressor reduces electrical interference with TVs and radios.
  • Easy access, washable foam air filter reduces maintenance costs
  • On-off fuel petcock lets you shut off the gas to run the carb dry for storage, helping to prevent stale fuel problems, which are becoming more common with ethanol based fuels.
  • Large fuel fill hole for easy filling. Fuel gauge is standard
  • Rugged perimeter steel frame protects the generator, engine and battery from damage.
  • Rubber vibration isolation mounts reduce vibration for smoother operation and reduced noise.
  • Folding handle and lift hook for improved portability
  • Never flat, non-pneumatic tires mounted to rugged steel axles.
  • Low maintenance MF style battery is included. Maintaining your battery's state of charge during extended periods of storage is essential to insure the maximum service life. Any battery, regardless of the type, should be charged (with the correct type of charger) at least every 2 months when not being used.
  • CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association)
  • Meets or exceeds EPA & CARB Tier 3 emission standards
  • 3-year warranty for "residential / home" use or "commercial use."


  • Type: Dual voltage, brushless, AVR, synchronous, AC Generator
  • Maximum AC Output (watts / amperes): 7200 W / 60 A @ 120 V & 30 A @ 240 V
  • Rated AC Output (watts / amperes) - Continuous Use: 6000 W / 50 A @ 120 V & 25 A @ 240 V
  • AC Voltage & Frequency (HZ): 120 & 240V / 60 HZ
  • Voltage Regulator: Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • Neutral: Bonded to frame


  • Model: MZ360; 357cc, air-cooled (fan assist), OHV, 2-valve, 4-stroke, single
  • Starting System: Electric with manual recoil (with auto decompressor)
  • Ignition: Transistor Controlled (TCI)
  • Recommended Fuel: 87 octane, regular gasoline
  • Engine Oil Capacity: 1.1L


  • L x W x H mm (in): Handle folded 740 x 720 x 800 (29.1 x 28.3 x 31.5); handle extended 1070 x 720 x 800 (42.1 x 28.3 x 31.5)
  • Dry Weight: 106 kg (234 lb.)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L): 26
  • Operating Hours (@ rated load): 8 hrs
  • Noise Level (@ 7 metres): 74.5 dB

Technical Features

  • Non-Fuse Circuit Breaker System (NFB): Standard
  • Dual 120 & 240 Voltage: Standard
  • Auto Choke System: Standard
  • Oil Watch Warning System: Standard
  • Hour Meter: Standard
  • Fuel Level Gauge: Standard
  • Economy Control System: Standard
  • Spark Arrestor: Standard
  • Volt Meter: Standard


  • Private Use: 3-years limited
  • Commercial Use: 3-years limited

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Engine Size
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Engine Type
MZ360; 357cc, air-cooled (fan assist), OHV, 2-valve, 4-stroke, single
720 mm (28.3 in.)
800 mm (31.5 in.)
740 mm (29.1 in.)
106 kg (234 lb.)
Run Time
8 hrs
AC Output
7200 W / 60 A @ 120 V & 30 A @ 240 V
Noise Level
74.5 dB
Fuel Tank Capacity
26 L